yesterday dreamers

by sunnydaymassacre

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recorded over a winter filled with cold breezes, virus-induced sneezes and a steady stream of respiratory wheezes.

under the influence of pseudoephedrine, caffeine and ample amounts of Sam Adams and PBR, this is the second album in as many years from the lo fi garage pop band sDm, aka sunnydaymassacre. 10 songs in a little over 30 minutes. the kinks, QOTSA, the strokes and 38 years of livin'.


released July 31, 2012

j. hubner played everything. he recorded straight to tape. mixed down and mastered with the help of mb and CD Architect.



all rights reserved


sunnydaymassacre Fort Wayne, Indiana

one man band formed in the head of j. hubner the first time he watched those jazzy dancers at the mall. lots of fun instruments played in various keys to create an emotional reaction in humans and dogs...and monkeys.

the more you listen the more hiss you'll hear and the more the plants will die in the front yard. leaves fall, as do the keys in the basket.

listen and be fuzzy.
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Track Name: wasteland, usa
it’s a melody in the sand, it’s a carbonated train wreck, a soul floating in the barren wasteland, a dime store preacher and million dollar prayer, she’s a cockpit pin up dream scene, he’s emotion in a stick up prom queen, flags half mast for a nation in mourning, death’s too good for the shamelessly boring, can you make it up to fate, or is it already too late, Jesus needs to pick up the pace, and do something about the human race
Track Name: all the kings men
I was on the 13th step in a 12 step program, I catapulted my ambitions for seven minutes in heaven, where were you when I fell down on my face, where were you when I thought you were more than fiction, this time I know I lost a friend, there’s no fixing humpty dumpty again, how far did that bastard fall, from the floor I can’t make out the writing on the wall, took to the road not sure where it’s going to lead, gotta find a band aid for this major bleed, I know you never gave a shit and that’s the truth, but when I get up for the last time it won’t be for you, this time I know I’ve lost a friend, there’s no fixing humpty dumpty again, how far did that bastard fall, from the floor I can’t make out the writing on the wall
Track Name: the harold beecher memorial bridge
suck it up it’s time to go, I know those tears are just for show, you can have a snack on the road, don’t you dare spill juice in the tahoe, you’re mom is staying here today, she wants to be alone on her birthday, she’s got a new friend that makes her feel better, he smokes unfiltered cigarettes and looks like eddie vedder, just keep your mind straight ahead, let it roam and your as good as dead, this new life will be a cinch past, the Harold beecher memorial bridge, we’ll stop and get you a few things, a birthday card for your mom that sings, I know this new life will be a bitch past, the Harold beecher memorial bridge
Track Name: sunday lies
it’s been dark before it’s been dark before, in this place of scattered pain, I’ll walk the path with you, with you, I’ll keep you from the rain, and the eyes of discontent, they will judge like morning flies, I will hold you in my skin, foggy breath will be your skies, oh it’s gonna get you down, on your knees while you pray, oh don’t show your fear, oh it’ll drive you insane, and we search in this mortal coil, for meaning in these dark times, we put our faith in fairy tales, we give our hearts to Sunday lies, oh it’s gonna get you down, on your knees while you pray, oh don’t show your fear, oh it’ll drive you insane
Track Name: zombie wife
and the dead will sing their song, a cadence in the afterlife, you will marry a shepherd’s son, you will be a zombie’s wife, but then you wrote me into the book, you liked my peacock garish looks, you bound me with emotional debt, the chains were tight, the concrete set, a zombie’s wife must be fed, you worked the clay into a boy, you cultivated a beating heart, the shepherd buried in his soil, a zombie’s wife finds a new start, and so you wrote him into your book, you promised sunbeams and breakfast nooks, apple cheeks burnt by cherry winds, boy of clay goes into the kiln, a zombie’s wife must be dead
Track Name: soft advances
hey, don’t you blink, don’t you even breathe, this is the time allowed, there is no reprieve, it all comes down to this, what’s it gonna be, Jesus can’t help you now, he still loves you unconditionally
Track Name: last apology
your bones are breaking bitter, your heart disease a mess, the ghosts knock at your front door, the sulfer scent is fresh(take a lucky guess), all the little battles won and lost, were all just for show, you can’t take your trophies with you, to where your going to go, this sunset was your last apology
Track Name: peppermint
where did all the sorrys go, when did I become a no-show, this game is thrown, is her lips peppermint, are my eyes the devil sent, I never made a dent, who’s walking in my shoes, who’s drowning in my size 22s, little boy is black and blue, a riding crop and marmalade, are both sweet on a bare leg, while you’re watching square pegs, you gotta let it go, you gotta kill your ego, master calls the century split, samurai punches ever so swift
Track Name: backwards, going forward
Lucifer pardons the patrons, as they pass the catacombs and stations, bearded and wearing your sweater, his puzzled prose and wit make it look better, damaged goods meet me at the rail line, pack your bags hurry we haven’t much time, before we know it life makes us bitter, we run for years but never get any fitter, a pulse still in your wrist, enough fight in there to make a fist, start from 100 and count back, you’ll never miss what you can never lack