the world is yours e​.​p.

by sunnydaymassacre

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some songs sitting around waiting for a new album to be on. they couldn't wait for that so they formed an e.p. all by themselves.

just some songs i've recorded over the last couple months. felt like sharing them.


released February 8, 2014

J. Hubner wrote, performed, mixed, engineered, and mastered this album from December 2013 to January 2014.



all rights reserved


sunnydaymassacre Fort Wayne, Indiana

one man band formed in the head of j. hubner the first time he watched those jazzy dancers at the mall. lots of fun instruments played in various keys to create an emotional reaction in humans and dogs...and monkeys.

the more you listen the more hiss you'll hear and the more the plants will die in the front yard. leaves fall, as do the keys in the basket.

listen and be fuzzy.
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Track Name: pick me up
Where do I stand in the scheme of things
Back of the line, or waiting in the wings
It's hard to tell with no face to read
You used to pick me up, now all you do is leave

I'd borrow a record from time to time
Spin your tunes, memorize your lines
They weren't your words, but they could've been
I heard you sing them time and time again

Where do you go, Prodigal Son
Track Name: sew my seams
Took awhile, but I found you in my past
Took some time, but I figured out how to make it last
Don't forget me in your heart
That's where I died at the start

Met some friends on this earth, and beyond
Made some hurt, made some pain in that bond
I want to wake you from this dream
I want to fix you, sew your seams

I'm the one that got lost, on this journey
I'm the ghost in your heart, I'm your fury
I want you to wake me from this dream
I want you to fix me, sew my seams
Track Name: wake up
I am amazed
by the colors in your hair
I am amazed
by the fire in your stare
(wake up...wake up...)

You are the break
in the sky bleeding red
Past all the pain
is pleasure in your head
(wake up....wake up....)
Track Name: tragedy paintings
It's 3am and the house is sleeping
the clock's speedy chase
Your eyes they move hidden
from the moon by your pillow case
Dreams they come and go like
downtown buses, Windy City
Amongst the ruins you see her waiting
for someone to pity

You are the entity
that haunts the dreams of the living
You're alive in the minds of miseries
teenage love brings tragedy paintings

You follow her down to where
you left the records burning daytime
Simple phrases crack your teeth
as they attempt to disguise
All you know but cannot share
body without soul light
Are you still sleeping dreams puncuate
your lack of living daylight

You are the entity
that haunts the dreams of the living
You're alive in the minds of miseries
teenage love brings tragedy paitings